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Giacomo has been very passionate towards animal rights and environmental movement for over two decades, connecting with different people and reality in these movements. He always tried to fight to defend animals since that time in whichever way he could.

In his 20's he played and toured with different bands, and through them promote social justice and environmental issues.

Giacomo has been an active campaigner against animal abuse for many years and in 2010 he joined one of the ships of the marine conservation and anti poaching group Sea Shepherd.

Since sailing to pristine places and seeing the wild creatures that inhabit them, he learned photography and videography, becoming one of the official photographers for the organization. His work has been published on different platforms such as books and news articles and have been printed to be sold through different channels to raise funds for charity organizations.

Giacomo decided to create the project On The Wild Side, because he felt the need to expose the effect that hunting has on billions of animals every year and on our ecosystems.

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Born in Paris, after living in France, Italy and Spain and graduating in Political Science from La Sapienza University in Rome, Raffaella embarked on a ship to Antarctica to participate in a whale defence campaign. She stayed on board for over seven years, being involved in many marine protection campaigns in the world's oceans. As a ship's cook, she published a vegan cookbook entitled "Think, Eat, Act", which was later published in Italy by Sonda. After such a long period at sea, Raffa and her partner Giacomo Giorgi decided to return to land and chose to live in the mountains, in the Cozie Alps. Raffaella participated in the making of the documentary On The Wild Side (Java Films), about the anti-hunting movements in the world, released in 2019 and presented in many international film festivals, including Raindance Film Festival, Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, FReDD, Global Health Film Festiva, Ecozine. Currently, her professional life is divided between documentary production and her job as a bookseller.



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